Serious games

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to play a serious game?

Deception takes about 45 minutes. Hendersson takes about 2 hours. This includes feedback and debriefing with the game master.

How many people can play it at once?

You can play Deception with as many people at the same time as you want. From experience, we know that a group of 500 or more can also play the game at the same time. We divide a large group into teams so that the teams play against each other.

Hendersson is best played in a group of about 6 people. One more or one less does not matter, of course.

Do we have to physically sit together to play the game?

No, that is not necessary (but it is of course possible). All each participant from your group needs is a smartphone or a computer/laptop with internet connection and preferably headphones.

Our company also has branches/departments abroad. Can they also participate in the serious game?

Yes indeed. Deception can be played in Dutch and in English. Hendersson is entirely in English. Both games can be played online and thus remotely.

In which languages are the serious games available?

Of Deception, we have a fully Dutch and a fully English version. Hendersson is fully English. Reigersdael will be available in Dutch, and probably eventually in English.

Will Hendersson also be available in Dutch?

No, that is not on the cards. Hendersson is suitable for senior management. In general, they can get on well with English. Game master guidance can, of course, be in Dutch if you are comfortable with that.

What does a game master do?

All serious games are supervised by a game master. This is someone who guides the course of the game, explains or nuances things, and provides examples.
Hendersson's game master is a professional who specialises in Insider Risks. This game master provides targeted feedback on the content of your game and the choices you make. He ensures that the players also take insights from the game to their own organisation.

Do you offer different types of licences?

No. Every employee, regardless of function or department, follows the same programme. This is because Arda's content is suitable for everyone.

Can we also provide game masters ourselves?

Yes, for the serious game Deception, this is certainly possible. With a short training by us, you can 'train' your own staff to the role of game master.

For the game Hendersson recommends against: an insider risk professional is an expert. He can give you targeted advice from his knowledge and experience that you can immediately apply in your own organisation.

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Want to play serious games?

All serious games can be played separately. Or as part of Arda, the online cybersecurity awareness programme for the entire company.