A flying start

We help you get the most out of Arda

Arda is designed to make employees resilient against cybercrime. That is why it is important to properly position Arda in your organisation. The decision for Arda is only the first step towards resilience. We are happy to help you along the way.

1. Agree

It helps if the decision to deploy Arda is taken as high and as widely as possible in the organisation. After all, Arda has an impact on the whole company. Apart from the management, involve, for example, the management of HR, Legal, and IT.

2. Creating support

Employees must be able (and allowed) to follow topics. Among other things, this requires support among all managers: do they also see the importance of cyber resilience?

3. Communicate

Be specific about Arda in your organisation. For example, do all employees know what Arda is? Why you chose Arda and what you expect from them? And do employees know what it will benefit them personally if they follow Arda topics?

Additional tools for successful implementation

Give Arda a flying start:

Create a company-specific introduction video: why is cybersecurity awareness important to your company? And why does your company choose Arda?

Play a serious game. For example, Deception with the whole organisation. Or Hendersson with your management team.

Start with a kick-off event

Hang posters at the coffee corner and put flyers in the canteen.

Arda rapportages

Always insight into your organisation's results

The Arda administrator in your company always has insight into how much and which people are actively using Arda. For example, which sections do your employees follow the most? How does your organisation score on phishing campaigns? You can create your own reports so you can quickly see how your organisation is progressing.

Communication tips

Sometimes we hear from companies that - in retrospect - they would have liked to tell their employees more and more clearly about Arda at the start of the programme. With these practical tips, you can 'integrate' Arda even better into your organisation.

Be as specific as possible

When can employees expect login details? Is it mandatory? Or not?

Substantiate the choice

Explain why a cybersecurity awareness programme is necessary.

Is there a point of contact

Where can employees ask questions? For technical questions about Arda itself, our service desk is of course on standby.

Are you just starting with Arda?

Request template messages to use in your organisation's communications.

Arda is very affordable

The remediation costs of a data breach or hostage software attack are many times higher. And additional reputational damage to your organisation is often prohibitive.