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Protect your company against cybercrime

Cybercrime incidents have become increasingly more common. You probably protect your company's valuable data with IT measures. But if employees do not behave securely online, a hacker will always find a way in.

Arda makes employees aware of their responsibility in cybersecurity in your company.

More about Arda

Gamified awareness

Arda combines online learning with serious gaming. While playing, your employees discover the do's and don'ts around cybersecurity, and learn to arm themselves against cybercrime.

A sustainable solution

We do not believe that one e-learning will make an entire organisation cyberaware. Awareness takes time. That is why Arda is a continuous programme with varied content.

Varied topics

Arda regularly offers participants new modules and challenges. After all, cybersecurity is about more than strong passwords and phishing mails.

Precious data makes you vulnerable

Every company, big or small, has sensitive data. Data from customers and staff, or research results and other precious data. Every company is of interest to cybercriminals.

What is your company doing about cybersecurity?

Is your business's focus still on IT systems? Then you remain at risk of a data breach or ransomware via your employees.

With the Arda programme, employees learn the do's and dont's around cybersecurity and how to act accordingly. That reduces the chances of a successful cyber attack.

The question is not whether your organisation might be hacked, but when...

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