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The cybersecurity awareness programme for your business

Do your employees know the do's and don'ts around cybersecurity? And, do they act accordingly?

No matter how well secured your IT system might be, and however alert your IT department is... If employees do not behave securely online, malicious people will always find a way in. Increasing resilience against cybercrime is therefore crucial.
With Arda, that is obtainable.

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Put together your own programme
Focus on employees

Arda focuses on people rather than technology: what can a person do to protect himself and his employer from a cyber attack.

Short, regular learning moments

Following an Arda module is easy and takes little time. Employees receive an e-mail when a new topic is ready, and with 15 minutes someone can get on with their work.

Practical tips

Arda teaches employees what they themselves can do to keep cybercriminals at bay. Application in practice is the main focus.

A quick start with coordinated planning

Within a month, your company can start using Arda. And if your company needs a break during busy periods or holidays, we can coordinate the precise planning of the complete programme with you.

Scalable and flexible

Arda works on any device and with a wide range of browsers. You can join with as little as 100 licences, which are transferable to new employees.

Clear growth and progress

You have insights into how many participants are taking part or have completed certain subjects. You can download these reports from Arda yourself.

Why is Arda an ongoing programme?

Raising awareness and modifying behaviour is a process that takes time. Cybersecurity knowledge is something you have to keep up to date. Arda contain several levels that increase the degree of difficulty over time.

Level 1
Basic awareness

The first modules are mainly about raising awareness and getting everyone on the same level of knowledge. Most people do know that safe online behaviour is necessary. But, what exactly is safe? And, how safe is your current online behaviour?

Level 2

With modules from Level 2, Arda anchors knowledge about practical cybersecurity. With real-life cases, Arda shows why certain guidelines for safe online behaviour do indeed keep the company or someone's personal life safer.

Level 3

With level 3 modules, we go into depth. Your company gets sector- and department-specific modules with knowledge relevant to those participants.

What does a year of Arda look like?

What does Arda deliver?

Arda always highlights different aspects of cybersecurity, without losing sight of the practical. This achieves:

  • the 'how and why' of safe online behaviour becomes firmly embedded with the individual employee, AND
  • a culture is created in your company where cybersecurity is discussable, and safe online behaviour is the norm.

This lowers the risk of a successful cyber attack.

Arda is very affordable

The remediation costs of a data breach or ransomware attack are many times higher. And additional reputational damage to your organisation is often prohibitive.