The Arda programme

Frequently asked questions

What does Arda deliver?

With Arda, employees can develop into aware employees who know what they themselves can do to keep cybercriminals out. A culture is created in your company where cybersecurity is discussable, and safe online behaviour is the norm. This lowers the risk of a successful cyber attack.

After adopting the Arda programme, will there be no more incidents in our company?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there be no more incidents. We do guarantee however that your employees will know how to protect themselves, and thus your business, from cybercrime. This also reduces the chances of a cyber-attack succeeding in your organisation.

Why is Arda an ongoing programme?

Arda is all about awareness; knowing what safe online behaviour is and applying it. That is a process that takes time.
This is why Arda regularly offers participants different modules and challenges. This keeps the importance of cybersecurity at the forefront and reduces the risk of a successful cyber attack.

Should we make Arda mandatory?

Obviously, we cannot decide this for your company. But the programme will make the biggest impact if you decide to make following Arda mandatory. Because the more employees recognise cybercrime and know what to do about it, the greater the online security of your company's data and systems.
Some companies include Arda and cybersecurity as a topic in annual performance reviews. Progress reports from all participants are readily available.

Can you help with announcements and communication?

Yes. When you start using Arda, we provide you with template messages that you can use in your organisation's communications. For example, for e-mails or messages on the intranet.

What are licences?

With 1 licence, 1 employee can follow the Arda programme for 1 year without restriction. All Arda content plus sector-specific modules are included.

Are there different types of licences?

Every employee, regardless of function or department, receives the same licence. This is because Arda's content is suitable for everyone.

What if a new employee joins? Or leaves?

Of course, you will welcome or say goodbye to new employees during the lifetime of Arda. That is why the licences are transferable. A new employee can start using Arda right away. At the start of a new year, you simply adjust your number of licences. Employees can start at the beginning or join the rest of the organisation faster through a modified programme.

Can we add or remove users ourselves?

Yes. The Arda administrator in your company can add or remove users themselves. With a brief explanation from our service desk, the is easy to do, as technical knowledge is not required.

Can we set our own minimum score?

Yes. You can decide what score in Arda you consider 'sufficient'. For example, you can link this to receiving a certificate or diploma.

How secure is the system Arda runs on?

Arda runs on a system set up for security and reliability. It has a 99.95% uptime. That means the system almost never goes offline.
Data breaches or vulnerabilities in the security of our system have never occurred. We pay close attention to this. We do not assume it, but if it does happen, we obviously follow the established rules and procedures for this.

Can Arda be linked to our existing systems?

Most likely yes. We have already effortlessly established technical links with existing LMS's (learning management systems). Employees of the companies in question greatly enjoyed being able to approach Arda in a way that was normal and familiar to them. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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Arda is very affordable

The remediation costs of a data breach or ransomware attack are many times higher. And additional reputational damage to your organisation is often prohibitive.