Cybersecurity increasingly important for the continuity of education

Arda for educational institutions

The risk of cyber attacks is increasing
  1. Every educational institution holds a huge amount of sensitive - and therefore valuable - data. Not only personal data of students and staff, but also progress results or research data.
  2. Educational institutions increasingly rely on digital technology to deliver education.
Valuable chaos

Knocking down a educational institution's system therefore not only results in chaos, but also study delays. Or research coming to a standstill. This makes any educational institutions an attractive 'prey' for hackers. It is therefore very likely that your educational institution will also have to deal with a cyber incident at some point.

Awareness around cybersecurity can prevent a lot of misery

Employees who know the do's and don'ts around cyber security can prevent a lot of misery (and costs...). After all, 90% of cyber attacks turn out to be caused by an employee's unsafe online behaviour.


Valuable lessons especially for educational institutions

Because there are different risks in educational institutions than in other companies, 4 episodes of Steinitz were created especially to highlight them. These episodes each focus on a different situation within education where things could go wrong. As an educational institution, you receive these modules in addition to the normal programme free of charge.

Arda is very affordable

The remediation costs of a data breach or ransomware attack are many times higher. And additional reputational damage to your organisation is often prohibitive.