Tailor-made programme

No two organisations are the same. So why should your Arda programme be?

Arda Tailor-made

For the best results

You can adjust the Arda programme to your needs in various ways. Want to dreate your own Arda module? That too is part of the possibilities.

Custom introductie Ellen Sinnige ROC Mondriaan

Your own introduction video

Arda starts with a general introduction video explaining Arda and the importance of cybersecurity. But we know from experience that having your own, recognisable video is more motivating: participants see a familiar face from your own organisation, hear the importance of cybersecurity from a familiar mouth and are therefore more likely to participate.

Together, we can create your own introduction video: one that fits your organisation exactly. We have the technical capabilities, and can also help think about the content if needed.

Arda Kick-off event

Kick-off event

With a kick-off event, you will not let the start of the Arda programme go by unnoticed. For example, you can play one of our serious games on cybersecurity with your employees: a shared experience that guarantees a flying start.

Serious Games
Arda Postercampagne

Posters and flyers

Especially at the start of the programme, it is important to publicise Arda within your organisation. For example, via posters or flyers. We can create introductory campaign material in the Arda house style. Or we can adapt this to your company's house style.

Having your own introductory video is a great opportunity to explain the organisation's vision of cybersecurity.

We will help you get the most out of Arda

To be effective, proper implementation of Arda in your organisation is important. We will help you do just that. Find out how to get a flying start.

Arda's varied programme also includes:
Interactieve films
Interactive films
E-learning modules
E-learning modules
Arda quizzes
Interviews met experts
Interviews with experts

Arda is very affordable

The remediation costs of a data breach or ransomware attack are many times higher. And additional reputational damage to your organisation is often prohibitive.