Phishing campaigns

90% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email

Phishing campagnes

Suppose one of your employees unknowingly 'lets hackers in' this way.

A well-secured IT system helps. As does an alert IT department. Yet just one click on a phishing email can undo all your efforts and cause your business tons of damage.

Arda teaches people to recognise phishing emails and what to do with them. But, the best test is still a practical one: a real-life phishing campaign.

Measure the results

The best result is when employees alert the IT department to the (fake) phishing email. How does your organisation score in this? And does this improve as your company progresses through the Arda programme?

Insight into the number of clicks and follow-up actions
Phishing mail voorbeeld


Opens the phishing email

Someone who is not alert to senders is more likely to open an e-mail and more likely to click on links in the e-mail.


Fills in valuable data

One employee leaving their details in a phishing email could have major consequences for your business.

4 times a year

AVG compliant and in collaboration with your IT department.

Changing 'look and feel'

Phishing emails evolve and so do our fake phishing emails.

Clear progress

Through reports, you can see the number of clicks and follow-up actions of your employees.

Arda's varied programme also includes:
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E-learning modules
E-learning modules
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Arda is very affordable

The remediation costs of a data breach or ransomware attack are many times higher. And additional reputational damage to your organisation is often prohibitive.