The platform of Arda

Flexible, reliable but above all safe


Arda runs on all devices and browsers (although we do not recommend Internet Explorer 11 and below).


The platform has an up-time of 99.95% and our service desk is at your service 24/7.


There have never been any data breaches or security breaches.

What are licences?

Each licence is 1 employee who can follow the Arda programme for one year without restriction. All content Arda has to offer is covered by this licence.

Do you offer different types of licences?

Arda offers 1 type of licence. Any employee, regardless of function or department, can therefore follow the programme.

What if a new employee joins?

Of course, it happens that employees leave the organisation or are hired during the course of the Arda programme. For those situations, the licences are transferable. So a new employee can start using Arda without any problems. At the start of a new year, you can then adjust the number of licences.

Can Arda be linked to already existing systems?

We have already made regular technical links with existing learning management systems so that Arda could be integrated. This is also enjoyed by employees. Contact us to discuss the options.

How is Arda best integrated?

Arda can be used at any organisation. We know from experience that taking a few simple steps can greatly increase acceptance within your company. About these communication tips you can read more here.

Do you need an account for Arda?

Every employee can create his or her own account in Arda. This can be done with a username and password but also very easily by linking a company account. For example, if your organisation uses Microsoft or Surf, the Arda account can be linked to it with 'single sign-on' and no extra password is needed. This is very easy and very secure.

You are in control of your licences

The system is set up so that an admin user can add or remove users himself. No technical knowledge is required for this, just a brief explanation from our service desk.

Add your own content

Besides your own introductory video, you can also create your own courses, quizzes and even exams in Arda. With just a short instruction from someone from the Arda team, you can get started.

Minimum score requirements

To make sure awareness improves within the organisation, you can demand a minimum score from your employees.

Discover the possibilities

Let's see together how Arda fits best in your organisation during a demo session.