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Experiencethe importance of cybersecurity together

Serious game Deception
Insider threat Team Hendersson
Team Hendersson
Serious Game McGaniel
Serious game Alisson
Serious game Steinitz Attack
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Steinitz Attack

Immerse yourself into the world of cybercrime

Serious games are educational games with a serious touch, suitable for the whole company. Play one of the scenarios together with colleagues and discover, for example, who is behind a data breach. Together you will experience the importance of cybersecurity, and gain insights that you can also translate to your business practice. Which game will you play with your employees?


Each player has an active role. He or she makes his or her own choices, and thus sees their consequences. This enhances the experience of the game.


The games are not only "serious," but also realistic. Recognizable (work) situations make it easy to apply lessons learned and experiences in real life.


The game is detached from everyday life. This allows a player to experiment. He is allowed to make mistakes without any unpleasant consequences. This increases the learning efficiency.


Play a game as team building. Strengthen bonds within a team in no time through the shared experience and a light-weight competitive approach.


5 people, 100 or perhaps 1,000. It doesn't matter how many people you play the serious game with. That makes the serious games suitable for any company.

Add-on to Arda

A serious game is a valuable addition to Arda, the online cybersecurity awareness program. Play a serious game as a kick-off to the launch of Arda in your organization.

What does a serious game provide?

  • A shared experience: naturally good for team building.
  • An eye-opener: For some players and companies, playing a serious game about cybersecurity is a real eye-opener. For the first time, they experience what the consequences can be if things go wrong, and how to prevent it.
  • Insights you can immediately apply to your business. So you can protect your business from cybercrime right away.

Also play a serious game with your company?

We would be happy to tell you (without obligation) the possibilities, and how you can use a serious game in your company.