Serious game: McGaniel

Will you crack the code of the chest?

Serious game McGaniel

Help save McGaniel from its doom

For generations, the McGaniel family has run a family brewery from the south-east of Ireland. But at the moment, things are all wrong. Ransomware is crippeling the entire company. Time is short and the rules tight: discover the riddle behind the chest and unlock the original recipe.

  • Both physically and remotely
  • Play in teams
  • Multilingual (NL/ENG)
Excitement and competition

Solve the puzzles and be the first to discover the code for the chest. Which team is fast enough to be the first to 'decode' the original recipe?

Escaperoom elements

The game lets you discover the solutions to various tasks in while the clock is ticking.

Suitable for everyone

Play McGaniel together in a group, or together online and get ahead of the other teams. No experience or prior knowledge is required.

Which variant are you playing?


Are you up for the nerve-wracking online challenge? Play McGaniel remotely with an unlimited number in teams. Equally fun and educational and done in 15 minutes.

The "real deal"

Physically dig into Arthur's original chest to find the correct code in a 1.5-hour scavenger hunt. Which of the 3 teams will be the first to get their hands on the recipe?

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McGaniel is offered through our knowledge partner Legian and is a valuable addition to Arda, the online cybersecurity awareness programme for the entire company.