Serious game: Team Hendersson

Innovation and competition. Sometimes the greatest danger lies within...

Serious game Team Hendersson

Prevent a pioneering innovation from leaking during Team Hendersson

In Formula E, innovation means the difference between winning or losing. Team Hendersson has a ground-breaking innovation that competitors are too happy to get their hands on.

Will you succeed at protecting Team Hendersson's critical data by detecting the risk from within?

  • English
  • Playable both online, and physically.
  • With about 6 people per session
Guidance by game master

An Insider Risk professional is your game master and translates your insights gained into concrete advice for your own organisation.

Focus on Insider Threat

An insider threat is the threat that organisations may experience from their own employees. Discover and experience the impact of your choices on the potential 'insider'.

Tension and cooperation

Identify worrying behaviour and choose your strategy to deal with the situation without damaging the team's reputation.

Content-based team building at management level

Working together is necessary to prevent a data breach. Via videos and a digital folder with information about the characters, among other things, you collect clues and choose your actions. Due to the limited group size, Hendersson is a very suitable serious game for management teams.

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