Serious game: Deception

Who is responsible for the data breach?

De hoofdpersonen van Deception

Who got Delta Industries hacked?

Due to a data breach, Delta Industries' reputation is at stake! Claire, Peter, William and José, along with Hans, are the suspects. Full of disbelief that something like this could have happened at their Delta. Some of them have been working there for years. Surely the IT department has secured everything? And surely all employees can be trusted? And besides, why are they the ones under suspicion?

  • Both physically and remotely
  • Excitement & competition
  • Multilingual (NL/ENG)
For the whole company

Play Deception with the whole company with an unlimited number of participants. Together in a group, or together online. No experience or prior knowledge is required.

Ideal as a kick-off event

Put the organisation on edge at the start of the Arda programme, and experience the thrill of a data breach with your colleagues. A game master will provide guidance and explanation.

Excitement and competition

Together, trace the data breach through hints and clues. Can you identify the right culprit, motive and means? Then you win the game. Win or lose together!

To reinforce your Arda programme

Deception: a serious scenario in game form. Players experience the consequences of data breach for a company and its employees. They can then take learned insights effortlessly into practice.

Available in Dutch and English

Non-native speakers in your company? That's no problem for playing Deception: apart from Dutch, you can also play Deception in English.

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