Serious game: Alisson

Seal the digital leak and help Alisson through this crisis

Serious game Alisson

Is your water company prepared for a major cyber crisis?

It's water and fire in Alisson's crisis team during this cyber crisis simulation game. Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Arda moulded 3 realistic cyber security situations into a serious game.

*Customised for the drinking water industry.

Reflecting critically on own organisation

Analyse Mirjam, Brian, Stan and Nanette's approach during one of the 3 scenarios and immediately practise their own knowledge of the situation. Is everyone prepared if Alison's situation were to become true?

Suppose the situation with Alisson happened in your organisation. Would you call in the crisis team?

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All serious games can be played separately. Or as part of Arda, the online cybersecurity awareness programme for the entire company.